The Fence

23 Mar

Spring is here!

There might be other people that were more excited over getting a fence than I was, but they weren’t me, so to me it felt like the most exciting fence experience ever. I love when big things happen at the house. Like three years ago when we took down the giant, dying oak tree in the front yard. I sat on the porch with a beer and watched the whole thing. We used our wedding money to do that, so you know it was a big deal.

Hollow from the ants. This guy was amazing up there.

Through a neighbor referral I found First Fence and hired them to do the “backyard”. I say that because it is really our side yard because we face the incorrect way for our street address/plot. 50% of people get majorly lost trying to find our house because there is an identical address over near Cheshire Bridge, which is 30 minutes away. Basically everything in Atlanta is 30 minutes away from us, unless you live on the East side of town. Then it is always 15 minutes.

So the fence guys were 30 minutes late, making me stress, before my very first WebEx meeting, that they would be installing forever the incorrect fence. Of course that didn’t happen, and they did a fantastic job. I’m just not used to working. I watch children. It’s what I’ve done since I was a child myself, at 12 years old. The only job I’ve steadily had. I’ve always done other jobs along the way, like the scrapbook store, frame shop, publishing, trucking compliance… I’m really a trade kind of gal who also happens to be a history, psychology, and doula scholar. Voracious fiction reader. If I stayed planted anywhere I might get pretty good at something, but I never have before.


Now Walter and Duggy (and even Petra) can go play in the yard without me constantly worrying about the street (and Duggy is a good dog but he occasionally runs away — who can blame him?). This fence is the best thing to happen to me since Walter was born! The first three days after we got it were beautiful and we played outside so much that Walt asked to go back inside — ha!

Now we can really enjoy because mommy can relax!

My boy shines as bright as the sun.


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