An extra pair of hands

4 May

For the past 2 1/2 years, Walter has actively taken away the use of at least one of my hands on a regular basis. A mom pretty much learns how to live life with one functioning hand (and I usually use my dominant one to hold him).

The other day was the first time [of hopefully many] where he has provided me with an extra set of hands. It was glorious.

Since Christmas, we’ve gotten in to Magnatiles. One of my pet peeves of Magnatiles, however, as an OCD/math-oriented person, is that if you take all your long triangle pieces and put them together on the floor, they will not form a circle. What?? How can that be?

But then I figured it out. No matter how many triangles you use, if you make it an upright cone, all the bottoms of the triangles will rest on the floor. I easily put together 3, 4, and 5 pieces. I tried seven and eight, and then, of course, 9. However, the cone was so wide that when I attempted to add the last triangle, it would collapse to the ground and I’d have to start over. I did this several times, even propping it up with support, but it turns out I needed something more dynamic. Like another pair of hands.

Enter Walter!

Usually he is more destructive than helpful when I try to play Magnatiles or Legos with him. But today, of all glorious days, he did what I asked, pushed in when I instructed, and we got the cone standing!

IMG_20150311_163917618 - Copy
He was pretty pleased about it too!


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