31 May

I remember as a kid winning a modem from an AJC contest. Tell us why a modem will be right for you! and a few weeks later one came in the mail. I thought that was pretty cool. I pretty much haven’t won anything since, except a piece of carry on luggage at my high school graduation party that my college cat peed in and ruined.

Until this month. AGL Resources, where Dave works, has an 811 Photobomb contest every year to promote calling 811 before you dig to protect utility lines. I submitted these two photos.

D. Johnston - 811 Photocontest Garden
Planting bulbs in the garden!

D. Johnston - 811 Photocontest Pirate
I love that I got my friend to dress up like a pirate.

And I won Dave an extra paid vacation day this year! Right about the time that we heard we had won, I got an email from VRBO about a summer vacation contest. I thought, why not try again, especially since it has to feature your child, and my child is adorable! So we’ll see if this video will work its charms and win us the grand prize!

When I was a newborn, my parents posed with me for a midwifery advertisement, even though she had an uneventful but short medicated labor. I assume we had a good time for that photoshoot in all our 80’s glory.


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