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We have a three year old!

23 Aug

I can’t believe he’s three already. I’m still waiting for it to become real that he actually grew inside of me – as a result of two data points meeting in the right environment, – came out, and now walks and talks.

I never had a birthday at school before, being a summer baby. Walter gets the best of both worlds: summer birthday and a special day at school! So his Nini made yellow cupcakes for him to share with his friends. Of course, he didn’t want one. He just wanted to go home once he saw Nini show up at school!

Well, at least we sent the rest of the kids home with a sugar rush.

Then this weekend we threw a water party!

There is nothing better than seeing him have a really good time. He told me when it was over, “But I just want the party to stay!”

Warms my heart to see this. I love all of Walt’s little friends and their curiosity and joy for life.

While we were cleaning up our party, our new neighbors, who are apparently very well-known in the Ormewood Park community, invited us to a housewarming party they were throwing later in the day. We decided to stop by after nap time to introduce ourselves. Well, it was a true back yard affair! I got the green monster in my eyes a little bit after seeing their yard. Two decks, an amazing view, and enough green space to have the biggest water slide I’ve seen outside a water park. Walter convinced his daddy to take him up there two times. I’m glad I didn’t have to fight the crowd to go with him cause we saw one kid making his way back up the hill with a bloody nose! We ended up staying longer than we had anticipated (surprise surprise) because we found several friends there, including two of Walt’s preschool teachers from last year. I love when the world is small like that.

We had such a good time celebrating this kid!


A Weekend in the Life…

21 Aug

First order of business: haircut. I don’t usually take selfies, but I do when I’m about to get three years worth of hair chopped off.

I said that I was going to grow it to my butt. It was about six inches away when I caved to my desire for change.

Short and sweet.

This wasn’t in preparation for Susan’s wedding weekend extravaganza, but the timing was nice for a new ‘do. We had events all weekend. Family dinner on Thursday. Rehearsal dinner on Friday. After-wedding-brunch prep Saturday morning. Wedding Saturday night. Brunch on Sunday.

This is what we looked like Sunday afternoon:

IMG_20150816_153425607But earlier in the weekend we managed to take showers and look all pretty:


A sweet Johnston family friend married someone I wholly approve of. He is not pictured however! That doesn’t mean anything, I promise. I’m sure he was still there somewhere #suzgetswebbed

The Red Tie Club at Chastain Horse Park. No one planned anything, but all the Johnstons were wearing red for the big day. Great minds think alike, as they say.

The best wedding band I’ve heard. Later in the evening the singer let down her hair and really let the emotions flow.

The best homemade (or any made) ice cream I’ve probably ever had. They served it around 10 o’clock, which I thought was a brilliant idea. They also had all buffets going as soon as guests started arriving. And guess what? No lines for food! Genius!

Post-brunch reading and snuggling with Mimi while Daddy played the baby grand.

We even managed to attend Walt’s buddy’s birthday party on Saturday too. Good thing 3 year olds don’t party all day and night like grown ups like to.

IMG_20150815_143158201And even though we didn’t use the weekend for any sort of rest, Monday still rolled around, fresh and ready for us as ever. Mama had both work and SAHM chores going at once. Multi-task or bust!


Piano Time

11 Aug

I bought a piano the day before my 31st birthday. This was not a mid-life crisis.


It is pure magic.

This piano, who has yet to secure an official name, fills the house with music. David plays into the night. I practice during the day. Walt and even Petra, the cat, play when they want to. That’s the beauty of a piano, it sounds good no matter what is going on. Well, except Petra always plays a sound of doom forte and scares us. But when the player knows what he or she is doing, all you can do as an observer it to enjoy.

David used to play as a child, and even being 20 years rusty, he’s good. I am enjoying the book I bought myself to teach me how to play. It is all very mathematical and complex to do two different things with your hands at once.

I saw this on FB the other day and chuckled.

It is a life-long dream of mine to learn to play the piano. I used to practice the cello. I love the sound, but I never wanted to play it like I do the piano. I hope that will keep me motivated enough to get good!