Piano Time

11 Aug

I bought a piano the day before my 31st birthday. This was not a mid-life crisis.


It is pure magic.

This piano, who has yet to secure an official name, fills the house with music. David plays into the night. I practice during the day. Walt and even Petra, the cat, play when they want to. That’s the beauty of a piano, it sounds good no matter what is going on. Well, except Petra always plays a sound of doom forte and scares us. But when the player knows what he or she is doing, all you can do as an observer it to enjoy.

David used to play as a child, and even being 20 years rusty, he’s good. I am enjoying the book I bought myself to teach me how to play. It is all very mathematical and complex to do two different things with your hands at once.

I saw this on FB the other day and chuckled.

It is a life-long dream of mine to learn to play the piano. I used to practice the cello. I love the sound, but I never wanted to play it like I do the piano. I hope that will keep me motivated enough to get good!


3 Responses to “Piano Time”

  1. boblarkin August 11, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

    bob larkin

  2. boblarkin August 11, 2015 at 3:06 pm #

    My grand daughter Karen, when she was 13, asked her parents to buy her a piano. They said “Karen you don’t even play, are you sure?” She convinced them she liked to play at her friend’s house, and promised to really use it. Fast forward to the piano store near closing time a couple weeks later. Stephen & Kelly [with Karen in tow] said to the piano guy, “we want something reasonable for a beginner”. “Has Karen taken lessons?”, he asked. “No” they said. The guy rolled his eyes a touch, reminding them it is closing time and told her, “sit at that piano there and see how it feels”. Karen proceeded to blow them away with a masterful rendition of “Let It Be” by the Beatles. Her parents almost fainted on the spot, and the store man said, “you can’t possibly be without lessons”. She then played a classical piece by Mozart. She then fessed up that at the age of 11 she decided to secretly self learn at her friend’s house with a piano learning book. She did not want anyone to know in case she was no good at it. Needless to say, today at age 16 she wows us at family gatherings. She also, on her own, goes to the local old age home on Thursdays and Sundays to play for the old folks. All of this is true. Karen would tell you to stick with your self learning and you will achieve your dream of playing the keys.

    • mamajohnston August 11, 2015 at 6:43 pm #

      What an extraordinary story! Your granddaughter sounds amazing. She is an inspiration to me! I hope I will one day be as good as she, and play for other people. Thanks for sharing!!!

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