A Weekend in the Life…

21 Aug

First order of business: haircut. I don’t usually take selfies, but I do when I’m about to get three years worth of hair chopped off.

I said that I was going to grow it to my butt. It was about six inches away when I caved to my desire for change.

Short and sweet.

This wasn’t in preparation for Susan’s wedding weekend extravaganza, but the timing was nice for a new ‘do. We had events all weekend. Family dinner on Thursday. Rehearsal dinner on Friday. After-wedding-brunch prep Saturday morning. Wedding Saturday night. Brunch on Sunday.

This is what we looked like Sunday afternoon:

IMG_20150816_153425607But earlier in the weekend we managed to take showers and look all pretty:


A sweet Johnston family friend married someone I wholly approve of. He is not pictured however! That doesn’t mean anything, I promise. I’m sure he was still there somewhere #suzgetswebbed

The Red Tie Club at Chastain Horse Park. No one planned anything, but all the Johnstons were wearing red for the big day. Great minds think alike, as they say.

The best wedding band I’ve heard. Later in the evening the singer let down her hair and really let the emotions flow.

The best homemade (or any made) ice cream I’ve probably ever had. They served it around 10 o’clock, which I thought was a brilliant idea. They also had all buffets going as soon as guests started arriving. And guess what? No lines for food! Genius!

Post-brunch reading and snuggling with Mimi while Daddy played the baby grand.

We even managed to attend Walt’s buddy’s birthday party on Saturday too. Good thing 3 year olds don’t party all day and night like grown ups like to.

IMG_20150815_143158201And even though we didn’t use the weekend for any sort of rest, Monday still rolled around, fresh and ready for us as ever. Mama had both work and SAHM chores going at once. Multi-task or bust!



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