Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles

29 Dec

It feels like we’ve done 50 jigsaw puzzles in the last few months. Because of listing our house and the renovations this summer, we had our dining room table in our garage for the first six months of 2015. Then when we pulled it out, we had too many dinner parties in the new pub room to really get any puzzles going. But then the fall happened. And so did all our puzzles.

We went through every one in the house we had that we hadn’t done yet, including this 2,000 piece monster that my mom had insisted we take from her years ago that I equally insisted I would never do. But then we wanted a challenge because we were going too quickly through 1,000 piece puzzles. And boy did we get it.

IMG_20151229_080408We call it “the blue puzzle”. And I hated almost every moment of putting it together — plus it took us weeks.

IMG_20151229_081458We did feel really good when we put the final piece in. Which, tragically, was not the actual last puzzle piece.

puzzleSo then we got this one as an antidote. It was really, really fun and I loved every minute.

IMG_20151229_080129We did a couple 1,000 and even a 500 piece one; then, after Christmas, we put together this 2,000 piece in two days. I couldn’t believe it! We’re getting too fast.

So now there are several more 2,000 waiting in the wings, and then we want to do a 3,000. After that, we’re debating if we want to do a 5,000 piece or just bite the bullet and go straight to 18,000  because there is one I particularly like. Once you get up to the big puzzles, there are a lot fewer options, and I really care about the picture I’m putting together. Plus I can generally tell how easy or hard a puzzle will be to put together, and I don’t want to do any more that remind me of our blue puzzle.

When Dave first mentioned doing a really large puzzle, I thought he was crazy. Until I did some research and realized they don’t actually make you do 18,000 or 32,000 pieces at once, because really, that would be insane and unmanageable. They generally keep the big ones to about 4,000 to 4,500 a bag, which I totally feel comfortable doing. And so we’re going to!

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten to such a puzzling state that last night we watched, and actively enjoyed, YouTube videos of people putting together really large puzzles. And other people making puzzles.

You might say we are addicted.

But look how cool.


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