Dave’s 35th Birthday (and a DIY fire pit)

7 Sep

I don’t let him rest, even on his birthday! I had a full weekend planned; by the end of it, we were exhausted, but it was fabulous.

Saturday we bought fire pit stones. No time like a party deadline to get a project done! We also went to the in-laws to play with W’s cousin, and then went home to nap so we’d all be in a good mood for dinner at Bone’s with my folks. It was a wonderful evening out, as always.

The next day, when I was pushing Walt on his swing, I said, “You’ll be going out to dinner tonight too with Nini and Grandpa to Italian,” and Walter’s response was, “But I like eating at Bone’s!” We may have set expectations too high too soon.


Sunday, the actual birthday, we woke up fresh and ready to go, and of course the first thing we did was shower Daddy with presents. Then I got the picnic table painted while these two assembled the fire pit. First they measured, dug it out a few inches deep, then filled the space with sand to make the stones level and have a good base. After the first ring was in, they put river rocks on the bottom. It is a little less than three feet wide, as per our county ordinances.


They also did a ring of river rocks around the outside and made sure to have some ventilation on the second row of stones. It worked out perfectly that we had leftover bricks with holes in them from the previous owner, so we used those in two spots. Of course we needed four more stones to finish the top (our calculations in-store were wrong; we used 12, not 10, stones per row), so we had to grab them before the party that night.


What a beauty.

We quickly showered and met Dave’s family for lunch at Community Q BBQ. Yum. Best BBQ in the city. I may have ordered one or two more sides than I could eat.


We then dropped Walter off at my mom’s so we could meet some friends at The Ultimate Escape Game. Dave had done one with the Marines at our last vacation with them in Nashville and thought it’d be a good way to celebrate. I had no real idea what to expect, but it was a blast. I’m totally ready to conquer another room after we successfully stole the recipe for the Coca Cola formula.


Then our friends came over to our house to continue the fun. We cooked out, with everyone helping, and enjoyed some drinks and chatter and built the inaugural fire in the fire pit. Most everyone hadn’t seen the house in its near-finished glory, and it was fun to show it off. It was really great to spend extra time with our wonderful friends.


There were several different groups singing Happy Birthday at one time.

Dave’s birthday continued the next day, since Walter was at my mom’s, by allowing us to sleep in and then watch a movie in bed. The chance to relax, especially after our busy busy weekend, was glorious. And as a parent, it’s always a blessing!


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