Welcome to This is Mama Johnston! I’m a young mama, and I love my adventures. And being a mom is certainly the biggest adventure I’ve ever undertaken! Very close second (and sometimes a more complex adventure): marriage.

I met my husband in 2008 while playing darts. He threw three bullseyes in a row, not only to impress me, but to finish the game with his friend so he could come talk to me. We then found out we were both at the same college studying the same degree in the same classes… From the very beginning we knew it was meant to be.

A few short years later we got married and realized we couldn’t wait to start a family. Turns out Walt couldn’t wait to join us!

This is a place I like to write about the fun (or not so fun) things we all do as a family. I enjoy writing as well as sharing my opinions. I hope my readers get as much out of this as I do in simply expressing myself with words.

This site will also be used as a place to promote my creativity. Enjoy!


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