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Happy NYE 2012

1 Jan

The first thing I did in the new year after kissing my husband and wondering who the “famous” people on the NYC Times Square stage were? Cut my fingernails. Man they were so 2012.

I’m about to go outside and tell the hooligans on our street to stop making so much noise… I have a baby sleeping upstairs!

I can’t believe it’s 2013. After worrying about the Mayan apocalypse, I never thought we’d get here. Actually, it just seems strange cause since I was six I never believed I’d ever make it to 12, let alone 2012.

For new parents, it’s just another night. No babysitter, no night off from nursing. The baby could get up at 4:30am like he did this morning. Hopefully that was just a 2012 thing.

Resolution for the new year? Make it to Jiro’s sushi restaurant in Japan. I’ll give myself a few years to accomplish that. It’s on Netflix. Watch and you’ll understand.