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The weekend I tried out all-natural deodorant

22 May

A few weekends ago it was one of the first hot weekends in Atlanta, and we spent most of it outdoors. I had run out of deodorant, and while shopping for more I made a quick decision to try out aluminum free, all natural deodorant. Slowly but surely I’m headed toward being one of those crunchy, organic lovin’ mommies. But I guess some things are meant to be full of chemicals.

Luckily no one commented that I smelled yucky, except for my own nose. The first application I thought it was going to go well. By the end of the weekend, I was desperate to get to the grocery store to get my tried and true Secret Powder Fresh Invisible that I’ve used for almost two decades. What do they say? A leopard can’t change her deodorant?

Braves 2
Braves Game. We had the whole section to ourselves and Walter just ran up and down the stairs for the most part.

Fin's first Mad Italian
Finley’s first trip to Mad Italian!

what we did at the Renaissance Festival
Renaissance Festival where Walter only wanted to play on the playground. Should have just gone to the one in our neighborhood!

Whitney and Aaron's baby shower
Baby shower! I stayed later than my boys (and most all the other guests) and took an Uber home. I love the freedom Uber gives.

new mulch bed
I built the house with Walt and then put in the charming mulch bed, since the yard there has been a dirt/mud pit for about 7 years. About time we added some landscaping!

Despite what my armpits said, it was an amazing weekend. Similar to all my weekends (and truth be told, weeks) lately. Thanks world, for being so awesome to me! What is it about spring that is so hopeful?


The Braves are moving?

14 Nov

It’s been a big week for Atlanta. An unanticipated announcement (at least to most of us) that the Braves will be moving from Downtown to Cobb County led to a fury of comments on social media. It’s been fun to read everyone’s reactions.

When I first heard the news I was driving with Walter, so I waited until we got to our destination and immediately texted David. It went something like this: “Remember how we didn’t know when we were going to try to move out of the city or where we would go? Well, we’re going to move in three years to Cobb County cause the Braves are leaving Turner Field.”

And as I send this text I get one from him that says, “It’s official. We’re moving to Cobb County in 2017 because the Braves are moving their stadium there.”

Great, married minds think alike.

I love those upper box seats: great view of the game and the city.

I’m still not really sure how I feel about the move. My husband bought our house before he met me, and part of the reason for his location choice was its proximity to Turner Field. While we’ve been discussing moving OTP (or at least farther north) sometime in the future for the whole yard, tree, safety experience for our kids, I’ve also been constantly reminded that the more we live here, the more our life is embedded downtown. We’re near Dave’s work, our church, our friends, our community, our ballpark… the one thing is our parents all live 30 minutes north. I was hoping that the city would finally develop the land around Turner Field, turn the parking lots into parking decks, and make that part of the city (that’s about 3 miles from us) into a thriving metropolis. Think what it would do to our property value!

When I contemplate moving up 75, that sounds great too, except for the lack of public transportation. Dave’s work is next door to a Marta station on the main line, so if we moved OTP and were near a station up north, the commute wouldn’t be too bad. But I absolutely cannot stand the idea that it would take him 1-2 hours to get home again. Not with kids and family dinners to think about.

I think this going to happen, whether we like it or not, so we all better wrap our minds around it. I just hope they fix the Marta situation. We’ve had some great family memories at Turner Field, but we’re Braves’ fans at heart, and we’re going to stay that way. Go Bravos!

braves game 2
One of my favorite photos of all time.

Choptober is here

6 Oct


I can’t believe it is already October. I’ve barely had time to think about what we’re going to do to the house for Halloween! But one of the best parts of the month this year is that the Braves made it into the post season. And by a wide margin, despite my dad’s eternal pessimistic views of how good the Braves will do. Dave bought tickets several weeks ago just in case, which he does every time there’s a chance of an October game. There is just something special about attending a post season game, where every pitch and every out is so much more vital. You don’t have much time to win. You won’t lose for very long before you’re out for good. And there is a chill in the air that isn’t there during regular season. I got a little too excited and brought a scarf to the first game that was completely unnecessary.

The first game was a downer. The Dodgers took control early on and dominated us the whole game. They scored almost every inning and we could barely get on base. No one likes watching a game like that! And we sat next to Dodgers’ fans, which made it even worse. At least they weren’t drunk and annoying. The stadium’s credit card machines went down for most of the game, causing extremely long ATM lines, disgruntled fans, and I’m sure a disappointed stadium accountant.

Last night was so much better. The Braves led most of the game, and it was exciting the whole time. So exciting at times that I had to sit down and read the brochure while every other fan was on their feet in anticipation of the next strike! The foam tomahawks they pass out also turn into great stress balls when not chopping the opposing team. We only won by one, but the 2013 Braves definitely came out to play, thank goodness. We were surrounded by lots of Braves fans, which made it really fun, and there is nothing like a 50,000 crowd of happy, nervous, cheering fans. Atlanta was on their toes in support of their team. And the Dodgers knew it that night!

I hope that flag is red by the end of the World Series!

Biggest Little Braves Fan

11 Jul

The Braves are very important to David. Maybe more than being a Marine. I’m not sure; I’ve never asked him. I’m pretty sure Walt and I rank above the Braves, but that might change if we were to ever like another team better. Which we wouldn’t.

David grew up in Atlanta. His whole family originated in the South. He played baseball as a kid; coached it when he was a camp counselor. He chose a house a few miles from the stadium. We watch Ken Burns’ Baseball during the off season. When we started dating, he took me to many, many games, and I grew to love the team and know the players also. And now that Walt is here (our future MLB All Star pitcher), we’re teaching him about baseball too. He’s been to a spring training game. He’s been to Turner Field. Not as many times as we’d like, but he is still fairly young.

To us, baseball is the essence of a Southern summer. Give us sweet tea, fried chicken, and creamed corn. We love it. But there’s nothing quite like going to a game with 40,000 other fans or making dinner listening to the game on the radio or relaxing in front of the game on TV with the cicadas making music outside.

We bought tickets today at the box office and introduced Walt to some important people.

Ty Cobb
DSCN8333(wait a second, are they wearing the same facial expression?)

Hank Aaron

Warren Spahn

Go Bravos!

Our weekends are wearing Mama out — in a good way!

9 Apr

A beautiful day like today makes it easy to go for a long walk with the baby. Besides, it’s probably a good idea to build up his immune system to pollen early on if he’s going to be living in Atlanta. Today was a good start since everything outside has a bright, yellow sheen to it. He’s starting to like the stroller more, so we can get in two miles pretty easily and that’s nice for my sanity and muscles.

The pretty blooms of our magnolia tree we planted last year. It’s doing well this year so far. We thought we were going to lose it to fungus last summer, but it’s held on!

This weekend Jason spent the night Friday night. Reminds me of old-fashioned high school sleepovers grown-up style. We watched This is 40, which instead of being funny was a depressing look at what marriage and kids can do to people. I kept looking at Dave and saying, “That’s not going to happen to us, is it?” But it was nice to have some friend, wine, good food, and gossip time.

Saturday I started staining the front porch. It’s a project I have wanted to do since our home improvements last year. In retrospect, when our friend/contractor Gary offered to do the porch for $50, I should have taken it. I’ve known that since last year but really felt it this weekend when we opened up what was left of the 5 gallon tank of stain we bought a year ago and it was sludge. He had done the back porch, and when he offered I thought boy I don’t want to spend another $50 after everything we’ve spent, I can do this myself, it looks easy. Well, it isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either.

I got a late start due to the sludge problem. David had to go pick up more stain and materials to build new posts. The end posts on our hand rails are soft with decay so it’s about time. I think it’s going to start a whole new painting project since they’ll be freshly white and the rest of the porch is dark with age. However, this is the year of the front lawn improvements, so it will only be fitting with our theme. I have a vision to makeover our bed of weeds.

Pre-stain. The pollen wasn’t too bad yet.

First coat. Looking good.

I didn’t even get the stairs started before the sun went down and we had dinner plans with my mother. To which we were an hour or two late. I was like the Energizer Bunny trying to get the first coat on, not even stopping to talk to a friendly neighbor that walked by (I did apologize). I didn’t anticipate how far apart the boards are which meant I also had to paint in between all the cracks. Turns out it’ll need a second coat too since it looks like when you color with markers and you can see where I stopped and started painting. Luckily the second coat should be much easier. And I’ll have to stain the mailbox post too. Everything needs to coordinate! It’s always how these projects go; you fix one thing and it makes all the nearby stuff look shabby.

Sunday we went with church folks to the Braves game. The Bravos are so hot this year! I love it! We sat in the outfield, which Dave and I never do, and it was fun to have a new perspective, but in the future if we’re bringing the baby we’ll need shaded seats. He was not too happy in the super afternoon sun. But we were only there for the second half of the game, so he survived. He sure is cute in his Braves outfit.

Braves vs Cubs 003
Look at those teeth!

Braves vs Cubs 005
Great seats!

Braves vs Cubs 009
Us and the snow cone guy. A classic.

After Orlando, Easter family-fun-filled weekend, and this weekend, I’m exhausted! But having fun with my husband and son is what life is for and why I get out of bed bright and chipper on a Monday morning… well, after a few snooze buttons. Oh that’s right, the baby doesn’t have a snooze button!

A note on the news… and kudzu bugs.

18 Feb

A couple weeks ago I succumbed to a door-to-door salesman. Unfortunately it wasn’t a Girl Scout selling delicious cookies but was actually a kid trying to earn some scholarship money for college. Commendable. He had sold 300+ newspaper subscriptions so far and his goal was 500. I’m not sure I’d like to even go up to 300 houses and knock on the door let alone try to sell that many people something. I hope he was figuring out some good sales techniques. I imagine he had his work cut out for him selling newspapers. They can barely give those away these days. The AJC really should be offering more money to the poor guy. At least I already wanted what he was offering.

He was selling 3 months worth of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and an accompanying coupon booklet for stuff around Atlanta. The coupon book had several Braves tickets buy one get one free (up to $35 each) so I figured that alone was worth it. And I had been thinking how it would be nice to have a paper delivered to our house. It would only be the Thursday and Sunday paper, which is better because a daily paper would mean lots and lots of trash and not much reading.

There are two differences between reading the news in the paper and scrolling through my phone’s news apps.

One: my phone doesn’t make my fingers dirty with ink. I need a Downton Abbey footman to iron the paper for me before I put my delicate hands on it. But it does give me a sense of nostalgia for my childhood when I would spend summers filling out the crossword puzzles every day and looking at the headlines in bold to see what was going on in the world. You could leave the news on the kitchen counter and go about your day, rather than have the world’s news send instant pings to your phone so you’re never ignorant of any catastrophe for long.

Second: the AJC is clearly not as well funded as the other news sources (even though I’m sure it costs more to make and distribute). One section’s front page said “Payphones on the decline” as if we, as a society, forgot to notice that it’s actually hard to find a payphone anymore. And that maybe this change happened ten years ago and not this week.

But I did really like the article I read on Kudzu bugs. Kudzu bugs are the bane of my existence. They are ugly little bugs that make you think you’re looking at a lady bug until you look closer and see no spots just brown. They’re easily squished (on accident or not) and emit this sickly sweet smell that stains your fingers and whatever else touched the bug. I will accidentally vacuum them up in the house and pop that smell is in the air. They are attracted to white, so don’t go outside in a white t-shirt during mating season or god forbid have white washed porch railings — oops. They eat kudzu and other ivies like soy (currently they’re destroying the state’s crops, yay). The little monsters showed up here unknown four years ago and apparently had hopped an international flight from Japan to Hartsfield Jackson. Wanted to take in a bit of new scenery?

They look so harmless, don’t they? Apparently they procreate like crazy.

Look at that epidemic distribution (this was just 2009-2011). Next think you know the AJC’s last article will be about the kudzu bug apocalypse. Except no one will be around to read it. Was that my phone chiming in the other room? I’ll go check.