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The Magical House Fairy

30 Jul

We pretty much stumbled onto the idea of selling our house. We’ve been happy at our house for the last 6 1/2 years, but earlier this year I saw a house online, and it started this whole chaos. We prepped and prepped and prepped, and now it’s been on the market almost 6 weeks. The first month we had two visitors, one with an appointment and one at the open house we had the first weekend. The way houses of our quality have been selling in our neighborhood this year, I thought we’d be busy and sell in the first couple weeks.

That just wasn’t the case. At least it hasn’t been a hassle to have it listed. I suppose it would be worse to get lots of traffic and no offers. But my excitement at moving out of the city has been slowly dwindling.

Until this weekend. I wished on the magic birthday house fairy, and it turns out, she is real.

house fairy

We had six people come by this weekend, three with agents. Maybe people are simply back in town after the summer holidays, but I have hope again!

We did have some excitement re: the house a couple weeks ago. A very nice millionaire from China contacted us through an agent from Keller Williams, offering us 90% of our asking price in all cash. On the extreme off chance that it was real, we countered back. Never heard from them again. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there are scammers in every industry. None of us, including our agent, knew what the end-game was, until Dave did some Google research. The way these people work is they get a contract on a house, then *oops* send a check for way too much earnest money and ask for the real estate broker to send them a check for the overage, hoping this all clears before their check bounces.


I suppose the only thing to do at this point is to continue to wait and see if any of our showings result in some good news. That or bury a St. Joseph statue near our mailbox and really get this show on the road.