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Independence Day 2015

7 Jul

I love a good July 4th. July is my favorite month because 1. It’s summer, 2. It’s my birthday month (I was a Christmas-in-July baby), and 3. Do I need another reason?

This year we made plans to drive up to Chattanooga to visit Dave’s sister for the holiday. They’re very busy (a lawyer and a nurse anesthetist student), but the boys love seeing each other. Cousin W is only a year younger than Walt, and at this point it’s not super noticeable except for the verbal communication.

Dave started the day running the Peachtree Road Race in the pouring rain but had his best time in years. He’s been running recently and really enjoying it again. We met up after the race at his parents’ house for a Beer and Bagels event — they have a long-standing tradition of running and knowing lots of other people who run too. We took off after and headed up north to eat a late lunch of homemade BBQ. My sister-in-law’s in-laws were there too and that’s the greatest thing about extending your family. You can find lots of wonderful people in the process. The meal finished off with delicious banana pudding, and then Walt took the nap he forgot to take in the car on the way up.

We ate pizza and calzones at Lupi’s for dinner, then found some fireworks over Coolidge Park. We stayed out of the crowds but our view was perfect. It was probably better that we did because Walter kept asking to go back inside (we were at my brother-in-law’s office). Once we turned on some music he seemed to enjoy the lights and ignore the loud bangs. Dave said that because Chattanooga is in a valley it’s possible that the mortars are extra loud.

It was lucky that the rain stopped for our outdoor lunch and the fireworks, because it didn’t stop the rest of the weekend. Of course I don’t even own a raincoat for my son!

Chattanooga 4
Like brothers.

After a yummy Sunday morning pancake breakfast, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium.

Chattanooga 5
Walter is insane about bridges right now, and luckily for him, Chattanooga is filled with them, both the walking and driving kinds!

Chattanooga 6
These two goofy, sweet boys love exploring — and copying each other!

Chattanooga 7
Butterfly house, right before Walter promptly slipped in the muddy water and basically ruined the shirt his Mimi and Pop brought back for him from Italy.

Chattanooga 8
I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised over how much Walter loved the aquarium from the first exhibit, nay, the first escalators, on. I guess it’s just another way he’s growing up, that he’s actually experiencing things now. We sat in front of the glass at many exhibits and just stared.

Chattanooga 9
The boys got a kick out of climbing in to the crab tank — over and over again. I thought it was awkward being that close to the giant spiders of the sea.

Chattanooga 10
Very cool jellyfish that light up throughout their bodies in rainbow colors. One boy didn’t think they were real. I think I liked these best of all, though I didn’t go through the river side of the aquarium. At that point I had a terrible headache from staring through all that thick, distorted glass. A headache that lasted several hours. I wonder how the fish feel about it. The animals don’t look as sad as the ones at the zoo do, but maybe that’s cause I haven’t watched Finding Nemo enough.

Sometimes I get this feeling like we’re not really taking care of the world and its creatures well enough. I don’t really know what to do about it though.


Urban Farm Ormewood strikes again

16 May

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Atlanta had about one week of spring before we jumped in to summer temperatures. OK OK, summer will be at least 10-15° hotter, but it certainly feels like it shouldn’t get any hotter. But today was perfect: warm in the shade with a bit of a breeze.

I took some friends to The Farm, and it turned out that my in-laws joined us for a spell as well. I so love this place. It is an urban oasis. We lounged on picnic blankets and drank sparkling cider with frozen berries, which Walter loved.


Draining the bottle. Oh dear.

He’s figured out how to pose for pictures and I love it!

Finley's sunglasses
We spent a lot of time brushing ants and other small insects off this sweet girl.

These two are really becoming best friends!!!

And because it was our 4th anniversary, Dave was busy doing sweet surprises for me while he was at work, like having these gorgeous — purple! — flowers delivered! A wonderful day, all in all!

Life is not just a collection of weekends

1 Mar

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Last weekend was a beautifully busy weekend. Dave and I made breakfast for dinner Friday night. Saturday we headed to Anniston, Alabama to spend time with his aunt and uncle and cousins and their children. I absolutely love his Alabama family. It’s like a great big bear hug of love every time we go. We have fun. We all have little boys that will eventually do devilish things together as they grow up.

Look at all those bright, mischievous eyes!
Walt (6 months), Ridge (14 months), Buddy (2 1/2 years)

We got home in time to put Walt to bed and get to bed ourselves. I had to host Fellowship Hour at church the next morning (part of my deacon duties; next time everyone is getting donuts and orange juice a la my Catholic upbringing). I then went out to grab a beer with the Young Adults before I headed home to my boys.  For dinner Dave and I met up with my friend Anais (we met working in a psych lab together at Georgia State; she’s now getting her PhD at Emory and I think we both marvel at each others’ busy schedules!) at this awesome pizza restaurant in Decatur called Sapori di Napoli. I want to go there again and again and again. It appears Dave and I have become pros at taking Walter out to eat with us. I’m glad he’s such a good sport.

This weekend? I wanted to take a walk with a friend in Piedmont Park tomorrow, but it’s cold and dreary here in Atlanta. I think this constant, cloudy twilight is making my eyesight worse. I am excited for the summer sun and heat! I never used to really like the hot, muggy Atlanta summers. But year after year I am getting more used to them and am actually enjoying them. I have visions of swimming with Walt in various family and friends’ pools, going out for walks without blankets bundled around little boy, and him learning to crawl and walk outside in the grass. We’ll visit a park or something to find that grass! The only thing I’ll miss are nights by the fire.

I love every Friday, anticipating Dave’s return home from work even more than usual (except maybe this week when I was sick and wished he was home hours before he could actually leave his office), and the knowledge that we’ll get to hang out as a family all weekend long. But then all too quickly it’s Sunday night again and Monday brings a week of wishing for Friday… and I don’t want to wish away that much of our lives. Even though I truly do love every minute of every day, it’s just better when we’re all together.