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More Firsts for W

8 Sep

First liquor store run. Isn’t there a joke about a pregnant lady and her young kid walking in to a liquor store? Maybe it isn’t a funny one…

I was worried they wouldn’t let kids in, but heck, they have carts for the young’uns. I love our local stores!

Clearly up to no good. Helping me pick out the good stuff (Wicked Weed Brew, Oregon Pinot Noirs, and Kentucky Bourbon) for Daddy’s birthday party.

First science experiment! Homeschool has started.


He loved it and followed directions well.

First bonfire!


First roasted marshmallow. Daddy and I got lucky and he didn’t want his s’more. He just wanted the graham cracker. It was s’more for us!


I love all these firsts. Can’t wait for more, and more with #2 in the pictures too! Though I just realized, Walter did get to experience a bonfire before. I know they cooked hot dogs, but did they roast marshmallows? He and his daddy went camping a while ago in Mimi and Pop’s back yard (before we lived there), which resulted in them coming home at midnight to get W to bed. We haven’t tried again so far, but there will be back yard camping at our house sometime soon. And then eventually out in the deeper wild of course. A long time ago I nannied for a family that camped with their 6 month old and two year old. Now they live out West and camp all the time in amazingly beautiful country. Clearly I need to get a move on if we’re going to become expert nature enthusiasts. I just wish there weren’t so many mosquitoes out there too. We’ll have to go somewhere bats also like to live, I suppose.

A year ago. My, how time flies.


Inside Out

11 Feb

We just did one of those technology-induced movie nights where my son and I watched Inside Out at our house while my BFF – Uncle Jason – started the movie at the same time at his house, and we texted each other throughout. I hadn’t seen the newest Pixar yet, but Jason was a veteran.

What a movie. It was glorious to watch. Walt and I both sat mesmerized the entire time, and I even stopped wanting to text at all because I was so engrossed. I thought it should be a movie played in every Psych 101 class, and for every pre-teen, heck, everyone, to watch to understand their emotions a little bit better.

At the end of the movie, Walter is watching Riley cry in her parents’ arms, and he says, “Mama, she’s crying.”

He turns to me and says, “Just like a baby.”

And I have big, rolling tears streaming down my face as well when I say, “Yes, son, just like a baby.”

inside-out-651The “colored ball” movie, according to Walt.

Living in a staged house isn’t quite like Arrested Development, but close.

22 Jan


The house is certainly the prettiest it’s ever looked, but all my books are packed away and most of my crafts placed inconveniently in the back of the guest room closet. There are barely any personal photos to find around the house and the garage is about to burst with “extra” furniture.

I left my sewing machine out but I either have to use my knee or one of my hands to press the foot pedal since it’s on an end table (that used to be Dave’s craft table when he was Walt’s age). I wanted to make some place mats for us to use at the kitchen table (to tie the room together!), and I must say that my little ones were quite helpful.

Sensing that I needed to accomplish something…

…Petra pre-warmed my fabric. While there was a sewing needle in it.

And Walt tried out the pedal for himself.

But yeah, the place mats did turn out great, and I got some chuckles in the process!

A Costco Miracle

10 Jan

The other day when Walter and I were accomplishing a week’s worth of chores in two hours, we of course had to go to Costco. You know your son is smart (or at least frequently runs errands with his mama) when you are driving in to the parking lot and he gasps and says, “Costco!”

We zipped through the store, only putting in three extra items that weren’t originally on our list, which is nearly a miracle in that place, and we were in the checkout line when the kind strangers behind us became instantaneous friends with Walter (he tends to do that to people) and they said, “What a sweet kid! And he looks just like you!”

To which I responded by getting down on my knees and kissing their feet, because by my count they’re only the second or third person to say that to me in the past 2 1/2 years.


Time Travel: does it exist?

8 Jan

Me, to my family, because I am reading Outlander: “Do you think time traveling could be real?”

My dad: “No.”

My mom: “Yes.”

Walter continues playing with Lego’s.

Dave: “There was one time I was at work and I thought it was a Thursday only to find out it was really Tuesday, so in essence…”



20 Oct

Saturday we went for a hike in Montreat, NC. It looked like this and I was happy:

IMG_20141018_145615841 - Copy


Monday is absolutely back to the grind. I’ve been working at the computer all morning, and Jose is giving our kitchen a facelift.


Not nearly as relaxing a view, but I do appreciate the Dexter-esque kill room look.

Things I swore I’d do before I became a parent

4 Sep

It’s fun to look back and see if I actually accomplished my goals.

1. Never use a pacifier

— Kinda! We never relied on pacifiers. But we started using them in the car when Walt was an infant because he screamed bloody murder every second I was driving. Nothing helped… except a pacifier. We didn’t need it after he moved out of his infant car seat at six months.

2. Breastfeed exclusively

— Yes! This one was very difficult. There were times I hated breastfeeding, especially at the beginning and intermittently til Walt was 10 months old. Then it clicked. Maybe because I stopped pumping (a great device if you are out of the house but it stressed me out so much) or because at 10 months they’re starting to eat, so you don’t have to rely 100% on boob. Either way, we’re still nursing now at 2 years+

3. Not have the whole house be one giant playroom

— Nope! There is at least one toy (more like mountains of toys) in every room of the house. Except maybe the bathrooms. Oh, sweet sanctuaries.

4. Immediately put the baby on a sleep/feed schedule so he’ll sleep through the night

–Nope! Ha, ha, am I right?

5. Use cloth diapers

— Kinda! Oh boy did I try. Try and try and try. About six months ago we gave up cause Walt always seemed to have a diaper rash (and I mean always). Now we don’t get frequent rashes, and when he randomly gets them we can use the type of cream that gets rid of them (we had all sorts of natural, cloth friendly creams that did nothing). Oh well. Maybe it’ll work on future babies. I still believe in cloth diapering, and we still use cloth wipes.

6. Natural childbirth

— Yes! 100% drug free, quick birth. I was lucky.

7. Homeschool

— Don’t know yet! I’ve always said I’d put Walt in preschool for early socialization, which we started this month going two days a week and he loves it. I plan on starting around 4 or 5. A lot of people I know homeschool their children, so it doesn’t seem quite as contrary as it once did.


27 Jan


In two weeks we will be in Utah.

I don’t usually go on cold weather vacations, but Dave’s family are skiers.

I just recently had to buy snow boots for Walt, because, well, we live in Atlanta. Not much use for them here. The lady at the store where I finally found some in his size said, “Yeah, um, stores are about to start selling spring clothes.” As if I was supposed to know that it was near impossible to find winter gear mid-winter.

Dave is intent on skiing with Walter strapped to his back. Somehow all my screaming has not dissuaded him of this idea.

I am looking forward to another trip with the family and showing Walt yet another aspect of this fantastic earth we live on. It should be beautiful. I’m just hoping we can convince him to keep on his hat and mittens so he doesn’t freeze his cute little self. Dave keeps telling me that it’s not going to be the arctic tundra I’m imagining, but I just don’t believe him.



11 Oct

We visited baby Edward in Chattanooga again a couple weekends ago. David was talking to Jeremy and asked him if he wanted to know the worst thing about being a parent. “It isn’t the sleepless nights, crying, or the insane worry over everything. It’s having butt cream permanently stuck under your finger nails.”


I am never comfortable cooking pork. For whatever reason, it never seems quite cooked, even when it’s been in the oven for hours. Other people don’t seem to have this problem. But luckily I’m married to a man whose solution when I ask him if he thinks the meat is OK is “how sick could we really get?”


Bought some all-natural fish sticks for lunch food for Walt. He likes them, which is good, cause it’s always nice to have food a toddler will eat. The instructions of course include cooking time but also “or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.” Why does this company think I am going to stick a meat thermometer into a fish stick?


We spent a yummy evening eating dinner at Jalisco’s, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. Dave decides to break off little pieces of chips for Walt so he can better eat the guacamole. Not long after Walt chokes on a piece, a different waiter than the one serving us comes up to our table with some oyster crackers, telling us how they have them for the little ones since they tend to choke on chips.


Me, “Walt must love to chew on shoes because they’re extra germy.”
Dave, “Yeah, they have lots of flavor.”


Here’s how I see the status of our kitchen floor degrading over the next few years: some parts weakened and mushy from the near constant mopping (there’s a certain throw radius around Walter’s chair) and the other bits scarred from pot and pan throwing (loud noises are fun).


I walk around my house sighing at the forgotten mess/destruction in each room and clean it up yet again. Then I remember I’m still in my pajamas at 3pm. I think I should put “shower” on my to-do lists.

IMG_20131011_171323What you can’t see is the overturned kitty water bowl, soaking most of the bottom layer of tissues. The rest I had to refold by hand.

The more cabinets I open, the more fun I can have.

It’s so easy to worry about every little thing

21 Sep

I was reading other mommy blogs yesterday about developmental milestones and autism spectrum disorders and of course immediately noted all the symptoms Walt was displaying — good thing I will never be a medical student cause I’d just turn into a hypochondriac.

The biggest thing I realized Walt wasn’t doing yet is pointing at things. He reaches for the stuff he wants and goes to get things himself, but he won’t point out mommy, etc. when you ask him to. When I talked to Dave about this, we realized we just aren’t the pointing kind of people. So we decided to make it our job to point out everything we can to Walter.

David, at lunch, pointing: “Are those your peas? Are those your fish sticks? Is that your water? Do you want your water? Point to your water if you want it, or you’ll never get water again.”

On the other hand, Walt knows exactly how we feel about the cat because earlier this morning I distinctly heard him say “bad kitty!” but gave her a few good pats on the back anyway.