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Meeting Santa and other Xmas activities

23 Dec

Early December we went to Stone Mountain to have breakfast with Santa. It was a benefit for Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, and it was really fun. The food was surprisingly good, we sang Christmas carols, lawyers dressed up as elves and did a really good job, and we waited anxiously for Rudolph, Santa, and Mrs. Claus.



Walter still doesn’t really like meeting Santa (he’s more a fan of the general idea or if Santa stays in a cartoon movie), but he did like picking out a gift from the giant tables full of toys!

You know your day is going to be good when there is Mod Podge and glitter involved. This week we made Christmas ornaments and had a ball. They were little nativity scenes, and Walter’s were very abstract in their final display. But like he reminded me, it’s just a mom, dad, and little baby. A good story for all!


Because I refused to go to the Botanical Gardens Lights yet again this year, I did some research and we opted for the Atlanta Motor Speedway lights, which made my husband really, really happy because you get to drive on the track!

holiday lights

The line is long to get in, but not terrible as long as you don’t hate the company you’re with! I annoyed my FIL by turning Christmas carols up and singing the entire time. It was fun driving through the concession area at the speedway, and I especially liked any light-filled tunnels, and the reindeer who flew over our car. It was tacky and ridiculous, but Walter loved it, and I enjoyed the novelty.

Then there was Santa’s village!

IMG_20151219_204211036Christmas-themed coloring pages.

IMG_20151219_205210673_HDRRiding the horses!

IMG_20151219_205642990Family carousel selfie!

IMG_20151219_210110508Walter loved all the colored lights since I refused to put them on our tree this year!

At least it was cold for this event, since it’s supposed to be close to 80° and raining on actual Christmas Day here in the ATL. We’re looking forward to a relaxed Christmas vacation filled with puzzles and movies and food and pajamas… Happy Wassailia everyone!


A funny kind of day

29 Jan

This has been a strange kind of Tuesday. The kind where you wake up at 630am when the baby starts calling you and think, “I’ll go feed him and give him to David for the rest of the morning so I can sleep” and then you remember it’s Tuesday, not Saturday. The strange feeling of 70 degrees outside in late January when you don’t live on a tropical island, or even in south Florida.

And what about finding a wine cork in my vacuum when I was emptying it out this morning? I am sure I don’t know how it got in there. How did the vacuum even suck that thing up let alone do it quietly?

I did, however, remember to zip up my boots before going into the office so my (seriously) awesome coworker wouldn’t make fun of me. But she who wears sweatsuits to work aught not throw stones in glass houses!

Now baby and I are enjoying the weather while he squeals at the chirping birds. Are they confused too today, thinking it is spring?