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Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

19 Nov

A few weeks ago we went through a week-long kitchen renovation. I don’t know how people stay in their houses for remodels that take six weeks or more! However, I am now in love with my kitchen. I have always appreciated the cabinet and counter space, but now, it looks fantastic as well and feels great to be in.

This is what it used to look like:


A year ago we rearranged and moved the large dining room table into our gigantic living space. Then this year we painted the walls blue, and I painted the new kitchen table black. And then, much to David’s chagrin, I couldn’t handle the “orange” cabinets any more. So, this happened:


Even with everything taped off, a dusting of white oil paint got everywhere and on everything. I guess we’ll have memories of this project for years to come.

The beautiful new kitchen!:

Not only did we get this amazing kitchen, but we got to relax at the in-laws house and have them cook dinner for us for two days while our house was a disaster.


It feels so big in there now, and the countertops and backsplash pop (and match!)… I love it! I got David to install a new Pottery Barn light fixture over the table that really brings the room together, and I made curtains for the window to add a splash of color. It’s my favorite room of the house to be in now!



20 Oct

Saturday we went for a hike in Montreat, NC. It looked like this and I was happy:

IMG_20141018_145615841 - Copy


Monday is absolutely back to the grind. I’ve been working at the computer all morning, and Jose is giving our kitchen a facelift.


Not nearly as relaxing a view, but I do appreciate the Dexter-esque kill room look.

Our “new” house

17 Dec

Maybe we get to live longer if the days fly by faster. I don’t know if I haven’t had time to write or the muse has flown the coop for a few weeks. I’ve been so busy it’s hard to keep up, but I’m trying to relax and enjoy my time too,  because this is it. This is all we have. And if I’m not spending each day in a good way, then what’s the point?

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity. A visit to Birmingham to hang out with family. A surprise graduation party for our next door neighbor. A holiday play featuring one of my high school friends. Church commitments. A birthday party for a two year old. Then my sweet husband helped me mega clean the house, because it happened to be the week of super clean and with no one taking Walter for a few hours this week I didn’t know when else I was going to get it done, because I have a job too! We also put up our Christmas tree finally and even though I already had other Christmas decorations up, it’s always wonderful to pull out your old ornaments and say “Oh yeah! I love that one!” Hopefully we’ll get the lights on the house before actual Christmas passes by.

Which one will we take home?

Our Christmas present to ourselves this year – with the help of our generous parents – was reorganizing the house. I’ve been desperately wanting a separate dining room to put our very lovely dining room table, especially since Walt is a typical messy toddler at mealtimes, and when my uncle told me it was close to $100K for an additional room to the house we started rethinking our space instead.

Here’s what it looked like before I entered the picture (think: decoration by three single guys: 2008-2011)




Soon I was able to convince him of redecoration, using some of my furniture too. I thought I was really happy with this arrangement (2011-2013). It was really pretty but didn’t utilize the space well.




And now! (2013+)



What!? Is that a dining room table in the living room???


Petra sure likes the new arrangement!

We were able to get a sturdy, smaller kitchen table from Dave’s family. We bought a new couch from Rooms To Go and I’m pretty much in love. I think about this couch day and night. I’m sad when it’s time to go to bed and I have to leave the couch. We moved the gorgeous desk into our bedroom which functions as both desk and bedside table now. It also utilizes the rest of our large bedroom which before only had a comfy chair we never sat on. Every inch of our house is used now, but it’s cozy and looks fantastic.

It’s like a brand new, perfect house! Now, if only we could get rid of the crime in our neighborhood…