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Last bit of the year!

31 Dec

Many of my friends currently disparage 2016, but it’s been been a great year for me. I will admit, it wasn’t always easy. But, I think that about every year. My life, especially since 2008 (when I finally set myself free from depression), has always had an upward trajectory, no matter what the hardships or setbacks. I try to enjoy myself, because what else can you do unless you want to be miserable?

Here we are, almost a new year. I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since Y2K. The last bit of this year has flown by, as I knew it would, with all the holidays and hustle and bustle of life, making my anticipation of baby #2 an easy one. He is due right around the corner — any time in the next week or more.

However, I’ve had some anxiety about his upcoming birth. I’m not really sure why, but I think it’s because I had an unmedicated birth with Walter, so I set the bar high out of the starting gate. Poor #2 might not have his own nursery, but doesn’t he deserve the same entrance into the world? I believe in the natural birthing abilities of women like I do in homeschooling, but, I’ve still been scared. Scared since pretty much week 16 when I knew he’d come barreling out of me at some point, and I didn’t want to drug him and me doing it if I could help it.

So today was a good last day of the year in preparation for that. My awesome doula Alice came by to talk about birth #2 and soothe my fears. It helped more than all the great birth stories I’ve been reading to try to bolster my spirits (stories which actually were making me more nervous by talking about overcoming all the pain). We chatted for a couple hours, and I feel once again like I did with Walter, that I can do this.

Then I met a lovely friend for a latte and lunch at Bread and Butterfly, followed by a pampering mani-pedi at Serenity. My boys had flowers waiting for me when I got home, so it really was a perfect day despite the dreary weather outside. Sometimes that makes me feel extra cozy inside, especially when things go so right!

img_20161231_143223115I channeled my inner-Dave and ordered the burger, which was delicious.

Cool blue for baby boy!

If I make it to midnight, we’ll be enjoying our annual 12 grapes of good luck. And tomorrow collards and black eyed peas will be simmering after breakfast. Looking forward to that and the new boy with many emotions swirling inside. When will he get here?


Any old day.

2 Jan

I really enjoyed our celebration of the year’s birthday. We were invited to a party with dear friends, but because of our hectically wonderful Christmas season, I couldn’t bear the idea of leaving the house and staying out late.

Dave got off work early, thankfully, because Walter was in a wretched mood all day. He wanted his nap at the frightfully early hour of 9:15, slept a short hour and a half, then didn’t nap the rest of the day. I don’t know if it was his lack of nap the day before or our ten day stretch of constant partying (that boy sure does love his parties), but he was beat.

We went to dinner at Houston’s with Dave’s parents and Granny, and it was a lovely meal out. I’m not sure I’ve had a better dining experience in a while. The food was delicious, the service exquisite, and they were packed at 5pm and even more so when we left at 6:30. This was good because Walter had never acted worse at a restaurant before. He crashed as soon as we got home and Dave and I started our night immediately doing something we hadn’t been able to do at home for a long time: puzzling!

We love doing jigsaw puzzles. With the cats it was always a challenge, but we had a huge coffee table that we would cover any unfinished puzzle with aluminum foil, even though Petra would love to play with the foil. Strangest cat I’ve ever met. But with Walter, there was no way we could keep a puzzle at baby height and expect to keep all the pieces. Once we rearranged our furniture, though, one of the bonuses was being able to devote the entire dining room table to a puzzle if we wanted to, and it is right next to the fireplace and TV. Perfection!

We also had our traditional 12 grapes during the last minute of the old year. This was taught to me by a high school friend, and I’ve carried it on because it’s just fun. I usually buy the grapes, but this year I sent Dave to the store to grab some on the way home from work. I was shocked when he brought out the grapes.


Do you see how big those things are? I was getting anxious closer to midnight thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat all my grapes in time and have a fully lucky year next year (1 grape = 1 month of luck). I was able to pick out some small-ish ones for myself but still gave David mostly gigantic ones, of course. We were both able to finish them with a second or less to spare, but I might have been quicker if I hadn’t been laughing at him so much.

Today David made black eyed peas and collards like a good old Southern boy. He’s getting better at them every year, and they were delicious. Even Walt ate the beans and tried the collards. With a long walk and some playtime at the park, it was a great day with family and a perfect way to start off the new year. Puzzle is almost done too!

Happy NYE 2012

1 Jan

The first thing I did in the new year after kissing my husband and wondering who the “famous” people on the NYC Times Square stage were? Cut my fingernails. Man they were so 2012.

I’m about to go outside and tell the hooligans on our street to stop making so much noise… I have a baby sleeping upstairs!

I can’t believe it’s 2013. After worrying about the Mayan apocalypse, I never thought we’d get here. Actually, it just seems strange cause since I was six I never believed I’d ever make it to 12, let alone 2012.

For new parents, it’s just another night. No babysitter, no night off from nursing. The baby could get up at 4:30am like he did this morning. Hopefully that was just a 2012 thing.

Resolution for the new year? Make it to Jiro’s sushi restaurant in Japan. I’ll give myself a few years to accomplish that. It’s on Netflix. Watch and you’ll understand.