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I love convincing my friends to let me photograph them.

11 Jan

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking photographs of our new, great friends Katye and Alex. We met them at Morningside and they have quickly become a staple in our life. They are funny, fun, and smart and we’re eerily similar!

It was really fun going out with them to take photos because they didn’t mind when I had to fiddle with my camera even though it was freezing out, and they had fun posing for me. I absolutely love the results!

Beautiful mommy-to-be.

I love taking photographs in winter light.

Fan favorites.

Puppy Love.

Instead of going to a park, we took pictures in front of the very cool Coca-Cola wall art in Virginia Highlands… it’s like an urban nature scene!



A Forget-Me-Not Thanksgiving Weekend.

5 Dec

We’re breezing in to December and I bet Christmas will be over with before we know it. I hope it’s as good as our long Thanksgiving holiday was. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite big one of the year. It doesn’t have quite the same amount of pressure that Christmas does, and all obligations are over by Thursday evening. Then you have a full 3 day weekend to enjoy yourself. And this year the weather was perfect to choose between being out and about and sitting inside relaxing.


My brother came in town. He lives in Europe now and his job doesn’t send him to America as often as his old one did. I miss when he and his family lived in Woodstock. It was far but we went out there once a week for family dinner. And now we want to move out that way and live outside of the city. So we’d be close if they ever moved back!

He convinced me to go out to Virginia Highlands for a night on the town with our cousin. I took my first Uber ride, which was interesting. What a great service to provide! Our driver was a very nice man from Aghanistan driving a very nice, clean car. A friend of my cousin’s was a very cool and interesting international woman about to move with her husband and son to 4 acres in Tennessee. Jealous! And she had a friend with her who was a black woman, who after I got to Atkins Park, left in 30 minutes, saying the bar was “too white”. I have to say that I agreed with her.¬† Also, they still allowed smoking in the bar, which I despise.

A friend of mine and I think we should open up a “bar” where there is a back room with a nanny and a lot of beds. A play area. A very family friendly bar. And taxi cabs with good car seats for children. That should be a standard. You can’t expect a parent to be lugging around a 25lb car seat when they travel. Traveling can be so stressful even without that extra burden to worry about.

Children are the future of the world. Everyone everywhere should be willing to help protect, teach, and raise our children, so they grow up figuring out even more than we know. So there is hope for the future. Some people can have more children than others. We all have to share. That whole “village” aspect of community is important. Let’s go back to the basics.

Here’s all the stuff we brought to Thanksgiving. Camera and tripod and toys and change of clothes and diapers and a booster seat… oh and of course a little boy and his glass of chocolate milk.

The next day was a rather relaxing Thanksgiving. I don’t remember what we did in the morning, but after nap we headed over to my aunt’s house. My mom has three sisters, which I am also jealous of. I grew up with two brothers. I always wanted a sister.

My aunt and my uncle live in a very beautiful house in Brookhaven, and at least 20 people were there for dinner. It was very stuffed at the table (but we all fit!), and they even had people helping us out to clean dishes and get us drinks and dessert. I was very appreciative¬† and surprised that they elected to work on the holiday. I guess at least in some small way we all do that day though, am I right? And you never know how people are going to define “work” to themselves. Money can make anything worth it, if it’s the right amount.

IMG_20141127_172818499~2Someone is excited about dinner!

He hasn’t been eating as well lately. Just wants bread! And cheese! And oranges!

We had a lot of fun! I’ve been working on my photography skills. I love this group photo.

On Saturday we drove up to Marietta to look at a house for sale. And then we hopped over to Kennesaw Mountain State Park and walked through the Civil War battlefield and monuments. There are lots of trails around and lots of people jogging and horseback riding and such around there. When we got lost trying to even get there we were in a roundabout where people were loading their horses into their trailers. I loved it.

A lot of Union soldiers were killed here.

Duggy was a pain in the butt. He couldn’t stop sniffing at everything and constantly tugging on the leash. And marking. I think the issue is that he really likes to be in familiar territory. I can’t wait to move to a place with a yard!

Sunday our dear friend Kate wanted to throw one of those Friendsgivings, so we did. 12 people came to sit around our table, bringing wine and delicious food — ham, yum — and great conversation. Dave and I only had to make the broccoli casserole and the grasshopper pie. And I gave everyone dishwasher friendly glasses so cleanup was easy!

A beautiful weekend. An exciting week this week. Christmas is coming!

Playing in the afternoon sun

3 Dec

I love having Grant Park just down the street from us, and with lots of free parking too. It’s so easy to go for a walk or play in the grass. I imagine that if we stay in this house for a while we’ll be playing catch here in a few years.

This last time we went, I knew I should bring my camera. I’ve been playing with the settings and was very excited to try out my new knowledge in a different location. It always seems like creative education is never ending. Let’s be honest. No true education is ever really finished, is it?






Did I mention this boy loves to run already?



This is the one that really makes me believe Dave’s aunt is right. They are clones.

Left-handed pitching training.

And now we’re even closer to Christmas

1 Dec

With Thanksgiving fully eaten (though I didn’t get any leftovers so I’m ready for another holiday meal), we’re one step closer to another year. Days are flying by at lightning speed, and I’m enjoying every moment. Okay, not every single teeny tiny moment, but how can you not laugh at the sweet, funny baby? He usually delights most people he meets. He’s very friendly. Well, unless you want to pick him up. We went to a furniture store this weekend and he ran around feeling every texture and walking right up to all the other groups of people there just to interact. I’m pretty sure it was little boy heaven with so much to touch and potentially knock over!

We started off Thanksgiving right with a little bit of whine.

Beautiful decorations at my aunt’s house. The meal was absolutely delicious too.

Obligatory family holiday photo.

Walt loved running around his new terrain.

Happy Christmas Season Boy!
(gotta use those arms for balance when you’re moving fast!)


18 Jun

Our flower garden is blooming all over, and I wanted to capture some of the prettiness while I had a chance. I love the variety of color we now have!


Double Knock Out Rose


Trying out different focal points with the camera.


Hydrangea from last year looks so pretty this year.


Buddha that marks/protects our sweet kitties’ graves. In front of him are the only flowers that grew from the seed packets I spread out last year.


Lilies, lilies, daisies, and gardenias!


The color of these lilies is much prettier this year than last year. When they were new last year they looked a little burnt.


Can’t remember the name of these flowers, but I love the color and happiness of their blooms.

Pool Party!

29 May

On Memorial Day, pools across the country open up for the long, hot summer. We took the lazy Sunday this weekend to enjoy the good weather and swim with Walt for the first time at his grandparents’ house.


Bring it on, pool.


Hmm maybe I don’t like this so much!


Mama makes it all better!



No one is better at playing than daddy!



I sure do love practicing to walk.





Thanks for the workout, Nana!

We got a new camera

23 May

On the first day of playing around with it I managed to use half a gig of space. I see an extra hard drive in my future. Good thing Walt and Petra like to take pictures!

DSC_0055 DSC_0057 DSC_0061 DSC_0065 DSC_0068 DSC_0072 DSC_0076 DSC_0077 DSC_0081 DSC_0085 DSC_0086 DSC_0103 DSC_0109 DSC_0115 DSC_0125