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A Time for Renewal

24 May

In the past month, as Spring has come to the land again, we’ve been out and about celebrating with friends and family.

I attended my first Seder dinner, which might have been my single most moving religious experience yet. A new friend couple who live in Inman Park had us over for their first time hosting Seder at their house.


It was a beautiful dinner with great friends.

The next day we drove up to Chattanooga to celebrate Easter with my in-laws. The rituals of Christianity are always interesting to witness.


And it’s a great excuse to dress up to celebrate the rebirth of earth (well, in this hemisphere)!


A couple weeks later we went to A Perfect Circle concert. Finally. It was my first time seeing this band live, although I’ve seen Tool seven (nine?) times and Puscifer three times. All three bands are led by Maynard James Keenan: vocalist, poet, musician, and guru. Seeing him perform is usually like “church” for me.

He started his show with giant black and white shadows of the band, then turned the primary colors to red and yellow (the first colors we supposedly see as infants after black and white), and then spent most of the rest of the show in purple light, which I imagine as a very complex and enlightened color.

IMG_20170503_002240_881.jpg#MaynardforPresident #MJK

Keep it coming, world! This is fun!



The weekend I tried out all-natural deodorant

22 May

A few weekends ago it was one of the first hot weekends in Atlanta, and we spent most of it outdoors. I had run out of deodorant, and while shopping for more I made a quick decision to try out aluminum free, all natural deodorant. Slowly but surely I’m headed toward being one of those crunchy, organic lovin’ mommies. But I guess some things are meant to be full of chemicals.

Luckily no one commented that I smelled yucky, except for my own nose. The first application I thought it was going to go well. By the end of the weekend, I was desperate to get to the grocery store to get my tried and true Secret Powder Fresh Invisible that I’ve used for almost two decades. What do they say? A leopard can’t change her deodorant?

Braves 2
Braves Game. We had the whole section to ourselves and Walter just ran up and down the stairs for the most part.

Fin's first Mad Italian
Finley’s first trip to Mad Italian!

what we did at the Renaissance Festival
Renaissance Festival where Walter only wanted to play on the playground. Should have just gone to the one in our neighborhood!

Whitney and Aaron's baby shower
Baby shower! I stayed later than my boys (and most all the other guests) and took an Uber home. I love the freedom Uber gives.

new mulch bed
I built the house with Walt and then put in the charming mulch bed, since the yard there has been a dirt/mud pit for about 7 years. About time we added some landscaping!

Despite what my armpits said, it was an amazing weekend. Similar to all my weekends (and truth be told, weeks) lately. Thanks world, for being so awesome to me! What is it about spring that is so hopeful?

Urban Farm Ormewood strikes again

16 May

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Atlanta had about one week of spring before we jumped in to summer temperatures. OK OK, summer will be at least 10-15° hotter, but it certainly feels like it shouldn’t get any hotter. But today was perfect: warm in the shade with a bit of a breeze.

I took some friends to The Farm, and it turned out that my in-laws joined us for a spell as well. I so love this place. It is an urban oasis. We lounged on picnic blankets and drank sparkling cider with frozen berries, which Walter loved.


Draining the bottle. Oh dear.

He’s figured out how to pose for pictures and I love it!

Finley's sunglasses
We spent a lot of time brushing ants and other small insects off this sweet girl.

These two are really becoming best friends!!!

And because it was our 4th anniversary, Dave was busy doing sweet surprises for me while he was at work, like having these gorgeous — purple! — flowers delivered! A wonderful day, all in all!

Fun in the 2015 sun

29 Mar

This weekend was great after the rain of the past couple weeks. Just in time for your normal spring activities, like spending time outdoors finding plastic, colorful eggs filled with treats and, of course, gardening.

Friday was still too cold to garden outside, so we planted some basil and parsley seeds that we found at Target. Walt kept talking about “making dirt” because when you put water on these small pellets a whole lot of dirt came out of it. It was cool.

When it’s too cold to play outside we do things like torture the pets.

Walter’s very first egg hunt was at the house of friend of Mimi and Pop’s. They had an easier side for the younger kids to do, but we took Walt to the big kid’s hunt, even though he had never done it before. He never really got into looking for them, though he really enjoyed when he would find one. His squeal of happiness (once he knew they were filled with candy) was priceless.

I forgot to dress him up in Easter-inspired clothing. He still was mighty cute though.

He ended up getting a lot of eggs because the other kids gave up pretty quickly, thinking they had found them all, but we stuck around and found all the better hidden ones. I think the 4 parents/grandparents to 1 Walter ratio worked out in his favor.

It was a cold but pretty – and sugar filled – morning.

Pop had to take a picture of the aftermath.

This afternoon I took Walt to the backyard to plant some Caladium bulbs. He loved helping.

“Bye bye, bulbs! See you soon!”


Christos Anesti!

31 Mar

Growing up as a Catholic we would always note how full the church was on Christmas and Easter. Now, through the window of social media, it is amusing to see all my secular friends celebrate Christmas and Easter even though they usually loudly proclaim against Jesus and Christianity. Is it just trendy to celebrate a holiday no matter what it is? And among some of these young people, it saddens me to see the life of Jesus made fun of so ruthlessly on Facebook and Twitter. People can be so vulgar, and the strange thing is these are the same people I see fighting daily for their own right to be taken seriously. Why is it acceptable to make fun of and belittle other people’s beliefs while you lament your own discrimination?

Yes, most, if not all, Christian holidays have roots in ancient history. Many, many different religions have similar themes and stories they share. I wouldn’t say Christianity has taken over these holidays, but instead we have taken our narrative and spread it out over the year like anyone else would do. Jesus was born (Christmas), Jesus died (Good Friday), and Jesus rose from the dead (Easter). But there are also many other important days in the liturgy that we look to to carry us on throughout the year.

I don’t see Christmas and Easter as secular holidays. Yes, the 20th and 21st centuries have such increased consumerism that buying presents is linked to almost every major holiday. I think that makes non-Christians think that the holiday no longer has the spiritual meaning it once did or that it is only about family tradition. Is a holiday only important because you might get a day off work or a gift? I certainly don’t want to raise my son in a world where he thinks spirituality runs a lengthy third behind other secular concerns.

Pagans celebrated similar holidays. Instead of detracting or negating from the meanings Christians have infused into their biggest holidays, I think it only adds to the specialness of the day. Easter comes at springtime because Jesus rose from the dead. Just like the world does after every winter. We overcome our own hardships and obstacles, we renew our lives, and for some of us we look to the ultimate example in Jesus who represents nothing but love.

Whether or not you believe in Jesus, isn’t the idea that God, or anyone, loves you unconditionally the best thing in the world? That you can do wrong and ask for forgiveness and you’ll get it? That here in this world, you can be born again and again and again, as long as you have the breath and the willingness to do so? That every Spring, every Easter, every birth, every rebirth, is exactly what God sent his son into the world to do? To give us hope beyond what we can see with our narrow vision?

When you look through eyes brightened by whatever spirituality you possess, the world becomes a miraculous place. David, always excited about his garden every spring, is growing his plants from seeds this year and checks on his seedlings like a mother hen. And gets mad at Petra when she eats the budding leaves. It is amazing that those tiny little seeds will produce food that will nourish our family, as God does for all who let him in.



9 Mar

The house is pungent with kale this morning. I cooked a bunch and Dave pureed it into little cubes to torture feed to Walt. I am hoping that because I like kale so much my little boy will too. He’s young I know but I have memories of only wanting to eat chicken fingers and spaghetti growing up so I don’t want that to happen to him. We’ve tried sweet potato, peas, avocado, carrots, pears, rice cereal, applesauce… in addition to kale some acorn squash is next on the list. Then some kind of bean, probably black eyed peas. I can’t imagine not cooking it in bacon or ham but maybe that’s too much for his tiny, sweet little heart. He was eating like a champ for a couple weeks but recently he’s started choking on his lunch and dinner. His daily breakfast of cereal, applesauce, pears and cinnamon goes down easy still.

A couple nights ago I finally overcame my fear of my sewing machine’s instruction manual and had Dave help me thread the needle. It’s about 20 pages of incoherent pictures matched with sparse wording. Luckily Dave loves those challenges, and it was pretty adorable watching him practice sewing some scraps together before he even let me try. I keep buying these onesies from Value Village that fit weirdly on his legs. So on a particularly cute one I cut the legs off and needed to hem the “shirt” so the bottom wouldn’t curl up in the wash. Besides the fact that I’ve had the sewing machine for two years and out on my craft table for a year, beckoning me to start my quilt, and a good friend gave me a sewing book as a baby present (patterns and instructions for sewing baby stuff), so I needed to get on that. I feel the craft urge in my fingertips, waiting for some sewing proficiency to happen so I can wow myself with my accomplishments.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about reading some travel blogs and getting wanderlust as a result. My in-laws are in Thailand right now playing with tigers, and I also see these awesome pictures from around the world, and I just want to throw off the shackles of our mortgage and our growing possessions and travel forever. I would love to just take off on foot (well, ground travel by car, boat, and train) and go everywhere.

Thai Tiger

But then I also want to move out to the country and cook and sew and read and put together puzzles by the fire and home school… kind of like Laura Ingalls Wilder or Anne of Green Gables.

My friend suggested I do both. What an idea! Could I really have it all?

Spring is coming

I already have it all!

Parental Logic

26 Feb

Baby has been sick all week with a cold. It’s miserable to watch someone unable to blow their nose. He’s finally getting better, but now Dave and I have felt sick the past two days.

After dinner…
Me: Do you think maybe it’s Walter who got us sick?
Dave: I was thinking about that earlier. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be. There’s no one else who slobbers all over me and my stuff like he does.


Yesterday was a beautiful day outside, so we sat on our large bed of weeds lawn with the baby so we could all get some sunshine. After, of course, contemplating sitting on our neighbor’s nicely sodded yard first. It was nice to lay outside for a little bit and watch Walt watch nature.

Me: I don’t want him to stare directly into the sun
Dave: He’ll be fine.
Me: No he won’t!
Dave: Is this why you won’t let me turn on any overhead lights in the house?