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2 Crafty Chicks

18 Nov

A new friend that we met in The Music Class (who actually enjoyed singing and dancing to the songs with the kids!) invited us to go to a mommy & me art class in Decatur. I was excited for a new activity to do with Walter, and since I love being creative, it seemed perfect. I had no idea what to expect, but it was awesome. They were very relaxed, and everything was scheduled fantastically.

When you get there they have blocks and other things to play with while you wait for everyone else to arrive. Then there is story time, which Walter wouldn’t sit through and started stacking the stools all the kids were sitting on. They of course match the book to the theme of the art project that day, which was leaves, fall, and Thanksgiving.

Then the art project. Walter didn’t want to put on his smock at first, but after we sat to the side watching all the other kids paint for a few minutes, he willingly put it on so he could join.

Then play-doh time.

Then dancing to music with pompoms time.

Then you finish your art!

I had a blast, and Walter did too. I love having all these options of things to do with Walt as he grows up. I will definitely be back and bring more friends!


Mountain Bling

28 Oct

Walt and I went to music class last week after Dave and I got home from our retreat in North Carolina. I found out our music teacher, whom we love, was also in Black Mountain while we were there. She was at something called the Leaf Festival, where they play music, camp, join in on drum circles, and artists sell their wares. Sounds like a lot of fun, actually.

Adina brought back this very cool instrument that a man named Jonathan Rose had made out of used propane tanks. It makes a most beautiful sound. Who knew?

2014-08-09 07.07.58

I always love the small world feeling you get when you see all these coincidences in your life. My father is on the board of Blossman Gas, a fantastic family-owned propane business in the Southeast. I plan on at least attempting to connect these people together for retail purposes; it could be fun for them both!

And while Walter loves music class and has really blossomed there, Adina has played an even bigger role in our lives. I was struggling with Walter’s lack of talking and looking into speech therapy, but unsure if it was really necessary to spend the money when Walter seems so bright. I was on the fence of “every child develops differently” and “maybe he needs some help”. I mentioned this to Adina and she pushed me again to teach him sign language. My response was: I’ve tried a million times and he just smiles at me! But I’ll give it one more go I guess!

That week was the magic week. He picked up on signing a few words, and it must have flipped a switch in his brain. He went from 30 to 60+ words in the last couple weeks, copies sounds and words we make, speaks in phrases, and uses signs without prompting. He’s really getting it and it’s really fun to watch. I knew it was in there (I wasn’t worried about that part of it), but I wanted it to come out!

The best part has been when we went grocery shopping the other day, without any prompting ever on my part, he pointed to the wine section and said repeatedly, “Wine! Wine! Wine!” … That’s my boy!

“The opposite of spiritual is not material, but impersonal.” – Peter Hobbie